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  • 天体突击(示范)

    侧滚动太空射击游戏免费的RPG融合的演示! 说明:天体袭击是复古风格的侧面滚动的空间射击和RPG的融合。消灭敌人获得的经验,收集物品和黄金来升级你的船,武器和属性,直到你通过削减像黄油的最棘手的敌人!任务都有杀%,完成时间和船舶的损坏提供独特的挑战和重放能力万吨的星级评定。 这是一个单任务的演示与一些中档的,可以通过收集黄金,并从游戏中的商店购买各式各样的武器升级获得的武器。

  • 森林狂奔酷跑2


  • MiniTown Papaya

    **************************NEWS************************** LOADING PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED, NO UPDATE REQUIRED We do apologize for this loading issue that has affected many of our users! For those who have sent us helpful information which eventually led to fixing the problem, we thank you big time! As much appreciated as we are now we will be giving out free GEM, you will be contacted by email to confirm your in game nickname to receive the reward! If you STILL come across this issue, please email us contact@wiselinc.com AGAIN THANK FOR YOU HELP!********************************************************MiniTown is a social network game, where you can rule and flourish your own floating island with your friends. From an empty island to a metropolitan all in the air, only “sky” is your limit, with more than 100 buildings, 200 decorations available, unlocking along your way to become city tycoon.Besides all, there are full of new features for you to explore. ? A research center is the place to maximize your ruling effort. ? Goods Carrier ships brings more resources? On every upcoming holidays, special island items is up for grab and celebrate for? It is always best fun to play with your friend or others nearbyRemember you are the creator of new world in the sky, so be responsible and be creative ***Not support temporarily 320 * 480 resolution*** V1.24: Whole new Spring theme outfit Island level is added up to 43 New Limited time Spring building New Limited time Spring decoration Bug fixing Tag:facebook,twitter,dropbox,kik,talkbox,papaya,little empire,foursquare,bump,Tom's Love Letters,X city,AREL WARS,Buffalo Sabres Official,Foo Fighters,WIDE Theme GO Laun,Dream Zoo,Temple Run Fan App,Kindle,ZMetal GOLockerTheme,Fruit Shoot - Girl Edition,MMA Junkie,Bubble Theme GO Lau,Parking Frenzy 2.0,Where's My Water?,Cut the Rope,Fruit Ninja,Minecraft - Pocket Edition,Grand Theft Auto III,Doodle Jump,Osmos HD,Plants vs. Zombies,UNO?,Robo Defense,Bejeweled® 2,Asphalt 6: Adrenaline,Words With Friends Free,Angry Birds,QQ.


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