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  • PentoMentis 3D Lite

    PentoMentis is an evolution of the famous Russian game. More figures, more fun. Now with more levels, more stability and smoother on slower devices ... Welcome to the world of Pentominoes, the puzzle more fun you can find. The tetraminos (figures such as Tetris) are formed by 4 squares, however, the Pentominoes are figures formed by 5 squares, side by side together in every possible way.This way they can have up to 18 different pentominoes including figures mirror. Complete all the rows that you can before the screen is complete. You must wait until the time bar is over to continue with the next phase. Remember that this game is more varied, fun and also something more complicated than other more famous. Accept the challenge? 3D REAL ENVIRONMENT ...More than 30 stages (in full version) to complete with a gradual increase in difficulty. Free version contains fewer levels and includes advertising (helps developers clicking on the advertising to continue developing games for free). MULTIPLE GAME CAMERAS...With dynamic camera adapted to the position of the piece for a better vision thanks to the 3D game engine. VARIOUS TYPES OF CONTROLS ...Figures controlled through classic touch or gestures control. SOUND EFFECTS FUN AND ELECTRONIC MUSIC ...Several options to change the volume and mute the sound. MENU-BASED GRAPHICS. Initial and Pause Menu:- Activation / deactivation of sound.- ? - Information about the game.- control by gestures or touch buttons.- hard mode or with help (Figure ghost).- game orientation portrait or landcape. Menu during the game:- Eye - 3D view change.- pause. Optimized for all screen resolutions (as tablets and smartphones). We recommend installing the game on a high-end device with 3D acceleration to enjoy smoother in three-dimensional effects. Anyway, you can specify at startup mode "with less detail" for less powerful machines. Another youtube link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGi1AGjTr5k More info: www.elbarcosoftware.com

  • 气球男孩


  • 金属咆哮3

    ★温馨提示:请您注意该游戏需下载数据包 ★ 《金属咆哮3 MetalWars3》是一款动作射击类3D机战游戏,游戏将剧情背景时间设定在公元2100年,界统一政权命名为“地球”,不过这个统一却危机四伏,分裂组织不惜一切代价企图颠覆他们,玩家将扮演一名伟大的机甲驾驶员,任务就是驾驶机甲,消灭分裂地球的邪恶组织。 金属咆哮3游戏画面逼真,战斗场面宏大震撼,操作简单。游戏提供多种机体供玩家选择,同时玩家还可以通过每次战斗胜利后获得的奖励来改装自己的机体,提升各项指标,使其更具战斗力和生存力。


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